The first no-loss lottery you will love

Depoway is a free mobile app, tailored to your lifestyle, that will allow you to win life-changing prizes just by saving and spending on beloved brands.

Why was the Depoway born?

Because saving is boring, and we have no incentive to grow our savings pot

We don't save enough, as savings products are boring and not financially attractive any more. The high-street banks pay us close to nothing for our savings. Smaller banks are keen to pay more, but this difference is not attractive either, being in the very low interest rate environment. Covid-19 devastated our savings. It is estimated that in the UK alone, more than 26 million of adults don’t have enough savings to live for a month without income.

Because we are wasting money playing the lottery

It is estimated that in the UK alone, more than 10 million people play the lottery regularly in the hope of a large windfall. It is due to our human nature. We want to win the jackpot, and we are dreaming about how this will change our lives. We are enjoying playing the lottery, as this is caused by the adrenaline rush that comes with playing the game and potentially winning. But we are losing money at the end. More than £4bn was wasted between April 2019 and March 2020 on buying lottery tickets that won nothing. The lottery is the worst bet that anyone can make, with an expected value of a National Lottery Lotto ticket being -70% of its price.

Depoway is on a mission to change this

We have developed an app through which our customers are encouraged to build their saving pots to increase their chances of winning a £1 million jackpot every week.

The app is designed in a way to be:

Easy to start and risk free

  • free tickets to try the app before the customer decides to deposit money
  • money safeguarded and never used to play

Beneficial and engaging

  • prize table designed to pay prizes frequently with life-changing jackpot prize
  • team contests give the possibility to combine tickets with others and increase chances of winning
  • weekly contests with the number drawn every day

Our team

By creating Depoway we decided to join our expertise across fields such as finance, savings and technology. Shared knowledge and experience allow us to develop a product that we would like to use ourselves - with the main focus on things we care about. Privacy, data security, and fair terms of use for our customers.


Years of combined experience in app development


Years of combined experience in finance and banking


Years of combined experience in marketing

Try us and see how lucky you are

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The Depoway app is a free mobile app through which customers can win cash prizes by saving or spending at places they love.

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