Do my tickets rollover to the next week?

It depends what kind of tickets you will play with.

Bonus tickets
You will get bonus tickets immediately when the person you invite joins us. These tickets will be valid for that and the following week’s contests. So, if your refereed friend joins us on Tuesday, you will receive tickets that will be valid from Tuesday to Sunday that week and from Monday to Sunday the following week.

Tickets for saving
Saving tickets are the only ones don’t require you to make a new deposit every week to play. So, if you saved £100 with us, you would get two tickets every week as long as you leave the amount untouched. If you withdrew £50 you would still get one ticket every week as long as you leave it untouched.

Tickets for purchases (these will be available at a later date)
Every Monday you will get tickets based on your purchases the previous week with our affiliated retailers. These tickets will be valid for that week’s contest from 5pm on Monday to 8pm on Sunday.

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